The Project

Why The  Project

Make full use of the energy resource.
Reduce bush fires.
Reduce emissions.
Reduce crop fires.
Reduce health and safety risks.
Many new jobs seasonal and full time along with engineering apprenticeships
Cleaner air to breath for all species.
Reduce evaporation from stubble burn.
Reduce the regular black outs and power cuts caused by lack of local base load power.
Help to minimise the huge current practice of burning off stubble in the paddocks every year.

Australian Government reports determine straw as nutritionally void,  All the nutrition is in the seeds, which have been harvested from the stalks.

In high-rainfall zones, heavy stubble can clog up machinery, and harbour pests such as mice slugs and weed seeds. So growers in these areas usually burn it.

By selling straw for bioenergy production, while keeping some in the paddock, you may be able to save on the costs of burning, mulching and harrowing.

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